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How to Enter Roku Code to www.roku.com/link account?

Roku is one of the best manufacturer of Set top boxes which are based on the Internet, these small devices allows you to watch videos on the web as it is offering YouTube and Netflix on your television. It is easy to setup and start, but the most common mistakes people make while enter Roku Code. Some users easily login by entering the Roku code, but most of get stuck on this step.

Enter Roku Code, www.roku.com/link

If the Roku code is not accessible by you, you can again review all the steps you followed to get it done. Sometimes, people miss some of the steps when they activate Roku.

These are some steps to help you understand how you can login into your Roku account by entering correct Roku code.

Let’s learn how to enter Roku code and activate Roku for your Home Theatres:-

Step 1:- To select an appropriate connection to connect the Roku with:-

  • There will be three options on TVs such as HDMI, Component and Composite. All are having a different range of accepting data so choose according to your device convenience.

Step 2:- To select a Precise Network:-

  • Select a network option which you are using in your home. If it is wired then you have to connect standard Ethernet cable. But if you have Wireless then have to fill up network name and its security password.

Step 3:- Turn-on your Roku and follow Activation process:-

  • In this step, connect your power adapter into your Roku player. Roku will restart and will show the screen with the following commands:-

Roku starting-Please wait, Roku- launching home screen, Welcome

  • Press “Ok”
  • After there will appear two options to choose “Wired network “ or Wireless”. Select one of them and proceed further by filling necessary information.

Step 4:- Complete the settings that will appear on your TV screen:-

  • At settings time, Select your time zone.
  • Enter the unique code on the screen.
  • Create a new account of Roku.
  • Set up your channels through home channels
  • Roku will refresh and display congratulations on your TV screen which means your Roku is ready to use.

For further support and help, contact www.rokuactivation.com, or talk to us on our toll free number +1-855-531-3727. We would love to hear from you and assist you in every step of your Roku activation account.

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  1. Hello,
    Today I got my first Roku, My Roku activation code is “QTQ3FF” but i can’t understand where and how to enter the Roku activation code ?

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